I truly enjoy life, and I never want to stop enjoying life.

I want everything that I get involved with to be a part of my enjoyment of life, whether if it is fun, entertaining, interesting, for the good of others or to exalt God. And I want my year at SKEMA Business School to be a part of this.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

These last few days.

Ok, it has already been a while since I last wrote anything on here, but here we go again.
I bought a new camera on Tuesday, because my old one broke when I was in Paris. Here are some photos that were shot since Tuesday :)

Skype is so great when I'm so far away from home, it is great to talk to friends and family. Spoke with Anja on Tuesday night.

I went for a walk in the park by here to have my quiet time with God. This park is lovely.

On Friday I went with Vanessa and Eugene to Ventimiglia, just across the Italian border, to the Friday's market, and know what you can buy there... fish from the Faroe Islands, yes, you're reading correctly. If you look carefully on the paper on the fish you can see it says "Prod. Faroe Islande".

Italian traffic is CRAZY!

Since I live in the middle of the woods far from civilization, Joanna and I went for a walk.

The colours were just beautiful. It isn't really cold here, so I keep thinking it is still summer, but you can see that winter is coming when looking at the colours. 

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